There is a manufacturing renaissance happening in the United States. Manufacturing is seeing a revival, and it seeks to bring the quality of products it once did to the doorstep of America again. The journey of First Article started with what we thought was intrinsic to us in the nature of manufacturing overseas and producing a quality brand focused on classic wardrobe reinterpretations. We sought high and low but recalibrating our thought process was the best thing we did for the brand and its integrity to our manifesto of "selling our journey through quality dry goods."

Within the last year and a half, we have met a remarkable cast of craftsmen and artisans, each bestowing their experiences and leading us to a higher outcome. It feels as if the universe is telling us a story in slow motion - to savor each moment's lessons and to remind us not to forget that the path traveled is sometimes more important than the sum of its parts. The story of First Article starts with passion for quality goods and furthers with curiosity. We proudly present to you a brand designed, engineered and manufactured in San Francisco, we give you the First Article - to be release early 2014.


O T H E R   P R O J E C T S