There's something about festival bracelets that seem intrinsic to your wrist. Almost like the scars on a carpenters hands, it tells a story of were ones been and what they've seen. In 2006, a collaboration between Flavor Group's Prem Kumta, Recreation's Sean Miyashiro and Design Rehab turned San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Center into a melting pot of cultural music expression. The festival landscape of 20+ stellar artist on one bill was still held to the Coachella's of the world and was fairly young. As a catalyst to the parent partnership, - a blog landing for artist and musicians, Be The Riottt! was born with the objective to educate and to satiate the appetites of those seeking vanguard experiences through relateable campaigns.


As a art directional project, Design Rehab collaborated with a local motion graphic artist to define the tone and setting for Flume's "Sleepless" feat. Anthony For Cleopatra. The track is undoubtedly well produced and the intention of this bumper was to add a visual and aurally pleasing break for the viewer in between other videos in a web series.



As a part of a demographic awareness campaign, Design Rehab created what's known as the Prescription Package in a limited run of 150 pieces for bloggers and culture curators. This tongue-in-cheek effort consisted of a package with a clean white v-neck with the Design Rehab emblem patch as well as vials with 1'' pins and stickers as a seeding package to garner demographic support. The effort yielded proper metrics and gained notable traffic.


Design Rehab was asked to create a branded eco-system for a technology platform debuting a new standard, HQME (High Quality Mobile Experience) that enables frequented web media to be cached into your mobile device in the off peek hours, freeing up data consumption during the peek hours. The eco-system included a collaboration bag with Timbuk2, along with branded environmental design inside of San Francisco's St. Regis Ballroom, package design for SanDisk products as well as the standard writing goods accompanying a note pad.



Shopping for groceries online is more accepted than it was last century. With that thought in mind, Chop Chop Go! asked Design Rehab to help build a responsive site that detailed visual architecture and user experience allowing a busy lifestyle user to be able to shop ingredients for meal specific days through a trusted e-grocer and plan healthy meals accordingly. Aside from UI and visual design work, this project also detailed extensive branding services.


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