Branding is the psychological art of speaking to your audience without saying a word. It's the expression of an business value and personality. Branding needs to work with evolving times and different demographics. You undoubtedly look good already, let Design Rehab make you look better.

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Understanding your end-user and what they need to ultimately get out of the experience with your product is key. We are designing for the consumer though we are hired by the client. "Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design.” - Dieter Rams

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There is a old-world romance aspect that can be appreciated through a tangible objects. The act of hand writing a letter versus sending a email, or reading the Sunday paper with your morning coffee that you simply cannot get from your tablet. Design Rehab believes it's the charm of tangibility and appreciation of craftsmanship that keeps this practice alive.

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Strategy in building a brand is being able to remove yourself from the now and submerge yourself in the future. The bigger picture is what this effort seeks. Without a strong foundation set, your project can only carry itself so far. Design Rehab offers itself as a full service design agency but also helps validate business intentions through experience and art direction.

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There is a manufacturing renaissance happening in the United States. Manufacturing is seeing a revival, and it seeks to bring the quality of products it once did to the doorstep of America again. The journey of First Article started with what we thought was intrinsic to us in the nature of manufacturing overseas and producing a quality brand focused on classic wardrobe reinterpretations. We sought high and low but recalibrating our thought process was the best thing we did for the brand and its integrity to our manifesto of "selling our journey through quality dry goods." Within the last year and a half, we have met a remarkable cast of craftsmen and artisans, each bestowing their experiences and leading us to a higher outcome. It feels as if the universe is telling us a story in slow motion - to savor each moment's lessons and to remind us not to forget that the path traveled is sometimes more important than the sum of its parts. The story of First Article starts with passion for quality goods and furthers with curiosity. We proudly present to you a brand designed, engineered and manufactured in San Francisco, we give you the First Article.


We meet fascinating people throughout life. Ideas and inspiration are engendered because these people desire to effect the world through their craft. The Healthy Hustle is a vehicle produced to highlight artist, musicians, designers, and photographers. Above all, these are community leaders and culture curators who seek to breed inspiration. Enjoy.


This short highlights the possibilities brought forward by commitment and natural thought progression. It's an high level explanation that inspiration is a fire inside us all. Those who choose to ignite it have the responsibility to share it to the world, in-turn inspiring others to do the same.

Drugs are expensive. Inspiration is free.