HYPEBEAST Issue 13: The Innovation Issue

HYPEBEAST Issue 13: The Innovation Issue



HYPEBEAST Magazine’s “The Innovation Issue” acknowledges the forward-thinking brands and individuals who serve as trailblazers in their respective fields. The thirteenth issue highlights some of the most progressive minds in the realm of fashion, design and technology – these individuals, HYPEBEAST believes to be in charge of writing the future. The face of the thirteenth issue is Tetsu Nishiyama the man of behind Japanese cult brands WTAPS and FPAR, who recently launched his new family-oriented label, Descendant. Accompanying TET in the magazine is another visionary in fashion, Nick Knight founder of SHOWstudio. It was imperative that HYPEBEAST featured two modern day avant gardes as well in Elon Musk and Zaha Hadid, both of whom are leading figures in their industries. They also take a look at the advancement and innovation in clothing through the work of renowned labels such as GORE-TEX® and Levi’s, as well as lesser known, yet equally revolutionary brands Outlier and byBorre. To round out the issue, HYPEBEAST took a trip to the manufacturers of the most advanced products in fashion and sportswear to explore the processes behind technology-driven brands such as Rapha and adidas.

Each individual magazine comes with either a WTAPS, FPAR or Descendant branded button pin.

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