DRIFT Volume 3: Havana

DRIFT Volume 3: Havana


Introducing DRIFT Volume 3: Havana.

This issue contains stories about Havana, its coffee, and the people who drink it. For their third issue, DRIFT spoke to dozens of locals, shop owners, roasters, historians, patrons, entrepreneurs, writers, and photographers about what it’s like to drink coffee in Havana. The capital city is fueled by strong, sweet coffee made from beans grown in the Cuban mountains and served at home—or downed in tiny ceramic cups residents sell from their windowsills. Meanwhile, international players see opportunity brewing to open more cafes like the city's two state-owned roasters.

Drift, Volume 3 guides us from Italy to New Zealand, from Havana’s frenetic old town to coffee plantation ruins in the city’s periphery, and from the 1700s to the future, as they take a magnifying glass to what makes Havana’s coffee scene tick. 

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