Project: (RED) & Futura album cover
Deliverable: Album cover for a mix series
Role: Art direction, design

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Project: Ryan & Vivian wedding invite
Deliverable: Three piece wedding invite and RSVP card
Role: art direction, design, crafting and constructing


Project: LOOK/SEE & Design Rehab co-op
Deliverable: Shark Grey / illustrated Inner Wood trim sun glasses
Role: Illustration, material application


Client: Estate LA for Design Rehab
Deliverable: Solid Gold snapback
Role: Illustration, material application

Client: Flavor Group
Deliverable: Event propaganda, poster & flyers
Role: Art direction, print design

Client:  Self initiated
Deliverable: The Prescription Package with a v-neck, vial of pins & stickers
Role: Package design, material applications



Client:  Flavor Group
Deliverable: Strength In Flavor event propaganda, identity, posters and flyers
Role: Typography, illustration


Client:  Estate LA for Design Rehab co-op
Deliverable: Bay Area baseball inspired snapbacks
Role: Typography, illustration, material application


Client: SanDisk, Stones Throw's J.Rocc & Tiesto
Deliverable: Wake Up Your Phone mix artwork
Role: Art direction, illustration, print design


Client: Funkanometry
Deliverable: Sock Hop Part 2 event propaganda, identity, flyers & posters
Role: Illustration, print design, typography, branding


Client: SanDisk for At&t
Deliverable: At&t Training Kit
Role:  Art direction, package design

O T H E R   P R O J E C T S