February 2016 - There are two things in life worth working for - your family and your freedom. Building this branding consultancy from the ground up was the best thing I could have done to further my passion for the arts. I found that when creativity meets strategy, a business solution is formed - and from the looks of it, my clients are happy.

I was presented with an opportunity to help my city, the city of San Francisco, design and curate a gallery in one of its underprivalaged neighborhoods, the Tenderloin, through a project called SPACE236. This opportunity was a collaborative effort between the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and myself. The idea was to transform the 200 block of Leavenworth to be a destination corridor. With the Tenderloin Museum at Eddy, Smash Gallery at Golden Gate, and multiple small businesses in the area slated to open their doors in 2016, the Tenderloin is getting the attention it deserves. 


The entire year of 2015 was dedicated to conceptualizing, pitching, meetings, planning, construction, and permitting for this project. We transformed the ground floor of a historic building into something the neighborhood needed, a concept gallery featuring San Francisco artists with inspiration as it's central theme. SPACE236 is a manifestation of freedom and inspiration banning together to share a message of creativity. This concept gallery showcases art in the broadest sense. Photography, storytelling, music, illustrations, and of course paintings are the visual messages to the public. 

I truly believe any city can be measured through it's art and culture programs. SPACE236 has opened it's doors publicly for a month and some change but has already opened the minds of many and has provided locals to pursue their own passion through art. If you are an artist and would love to be featured at SPACE236, please visit the site and email us for more information. I look forward to seeing you here.

Barry Lai