Mr. Hide / Design Rehab

Work with friends often, make mistakes just as often and design well thought out experiences through your findings. Stick by this motto when creating something from the heart because your friends with taste know you the best.

This next collaborative piece commemorates a friendship that began through the love of footwear, music and culture. I've known Jon since 2004. He's always shared an acute understanding of all things well designed and after eleven years of parallel friendship, we aligned our efforts to craft a timeless accessory. We present to you the Mr. Hide and Design Rehab four slot minimalist wallet. George Costanza would never love this wallet but you sure will.

The outer shell is crafted with a supple black Horween Chromexcel horsehide, North of Cordovan. The interior are four contrasting angled natural vegetable tanned cowhide slots married together through a black waxed linen thread. This wallet redefines the minimalist accessory game and rids the need for a rubber band, unless that's your style. This product is 100% crafted by hand. The cutting, the sewing, the embossing. 100% folks. Limited run of 15 were crafted so don't sleep on this. The wallets will be releasing on Friday. Shop for the wallet here.

Barry Lai