Love and Loss

It's life. Live long enough and you will experience love and loss of the things you enjoy the most in life. The past quarter of this year, went from the apex to the deepest valley of emotion. As they say, nothing therapy can't fix. Before I co-sign any shrink, for me, therapy comes in the form of family, music and work - and not in that order. Now, get your therapy on.

Here's a glimpse of the last quarter. Not expecting you to get a story here. Be smart and live your life the way you designed it. Be healthy and share it with the ones you love the most.

Stay tuned - to be released soon, The Battery San Francisco site I've been working on, branding and a new site for DJ Goldenchyld , a new mix, the First Article menswear drops and content from my team at PLSTK.

Barry Lai