Ben Lamb + Design Rehab

illustration by Ben Lamb

illustration by Ben Lamb

I don't post many photos of myself but holy shit, that's me. Let me put some context behind this illustration. A couple years ago, I started following a talented illustrator by the name of Ben Lamb. He drew everything from architecture and its surroundings, to musicians with next level minds, effortlessly translating these subjects to beautiful line art.

As much as I adored architecture and musicians, that was not what attracted me to his style and compositions. His Paris 2011 Capsule collection of Stephane Ashpool, Josh Peskowitz and Mos Def gave depth to his work, capturing swaggy dudes from head to toe in their ensemble. The detail in his compositions and the subtle vulnerability in his stray lines made the completed illustrations that much more honest and captivating. This man puts in work.  His past clients include Levis, Sperry Top-Sider, as well as the Fader Magazine to name a few. Keeping on his radar from time to time and check-up conversations led me to this junction (and the honor) of having him illustrate my mug. Seen here, the dude who just got Blamb'd.

Please support my man by picking up some of his work in his online store or view a selected body of work on his portfolio and blog.

Barry Lai