Concept and craft thoughtful analog and digital experiences from theory to completion.

• the menswear line •

What's generally known as a production term, is recognized by Design Rehab as a passion project. First Article is a men's outerwear line with more to offer than quality dry goods. The road traveled and our conclusive thoughts are what we wish to share. First Article is an experience. See its genesis.

• insight from the insightful •

We meet fascinating people throughout life. Ideas and inspiration are engendered because these people desire to effect the world through their craft. The Healthy Hustle is a vehicle produced to highlight these community leaders, artisans and culture curators who seek to breed inspiration. View the interviews..

• design intellect •

This is a group of like-minded design enthusiasts fueling a think tank focusing on fostering new ideas through combined knowledge and collaborative experiences. The team's aptitude for forward thinking and individual intuition empowers the collective to translate thoughts into well articulated goods and services. Visit the blog..

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