Light Bulb Entertainment rebrand

I had to pleasure to assist Lightbulb Entertainment, a motion picture agency in the Bay Area through a rebrand recently. After their first couple of establishing projects, it was a known issue to seek a brand refresh through a new and exciting mark.

The light bulb was chosen as the legacy moniker to represent creativity in the motion picture agency. As we all know Edison invented the household light bulb but this invention dwarfed his another venture in his portfolio, the motion picture camera. Ironic that these two historic inventions now serve as a natural homage to Edison's work through Lighbulb's new brand identity.

The objective was to be able to establish a level of hierarchy between the business and scale it with a brand mark. Lightbulb has transformed itself from a video production house to corporate and professional video journalism. As the business grows, it also needs to be able to accommodate scalability to these different verticals. Provided here are Design Rehab's interpretations of the mark. Just Hit Play.