Healthy Hustle: Gus of Harputs

It's with great honor to time the PLSTK blog release with the Healthy Hustle SF installment featuring Gus of Harputs. The homie Sean of Metrospective Media flew into SFO, took less than a week to capture all footage, and brought it back to the lab in the East Coast to put together a coherent story for the public. Before you is the conclusion of our collaborative thoughts and the beginning of yours.

In 1978, a family business named Harputs emerged from Oakland, California pushing the sales of B-Boy classic Adidas Shelltoes and jumpsuits. Thirty-three years later, the maturity of their exclusive Adidas footwear alignment transformed the family business, moving their primary location to the heart of San Francisco. Harputs has now expanded to carry all inventory including prior brands and designs from Yōji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela, Stephan Schneider, Comme des Garçons, as well as their own line - Harputs OWN. In this installment, Gus explains his theory on "gypsy retail", introduces us to his mentor / tailor, and previews some of OWN's pieces.