Healthy Hustle: Todd Barket of UnionMade

You are now witnessing the first installment of The Healthy Hustle interviews in it's sophomore season. For this first installment, I am very excited to present to you a man that seems to have a natural finesse in what he does. A man who worked 18 years of his life from a very humble position within a retail shop and graduated to the corporate side of the same company. His name, Todd Barket, the sole proprietor of UnionMade in San Francisco. A quaint shop on the corner of 18th and Sanchez. The first time I set step into his shop, I felt a certain warmth - a welcoming warmth that kept me fascinated yet grounded. The brands he carried, the heritage decor, the mid afternoon cup of coffee jazz in the background. The setting felt natural and comfortable. The experience was almost nostalgic to an old American outfitter but set in its modern day. Todd was always ready to assist with any questions and background about any of the brands. In short, this man is not only a humble shop owner but to me, a fashion educator.

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