Imagine this post as a box of unmarked goods sitting in your garage awaiting the dust to be blown off. Imagine this as the relearning of what you once knew. The following is a expression of a long due apology for the lack of shared thoughts. Here, I post my recent explorations in visual form, keeping it short and sweet. Big things in the horizon for Design Rehab as The Healthy Hustle is entering its sophomore season. PLSTK footwear and Design Rehab has joined efforts to bring to you a refined experience in the footwear community. Design Rehab is in a redesign phase. Both the blog and site will be presented to you very soon. Last but not least, another anniversary of not only my existence but Design Timbo has once said, "It's been a long time/ We shouldn't have left you/ Without a dope beat to step to..." Enjoy life. Let your hair down. Learn through your mistakes. Make mistakes together.

Gramatik - Still Here (original mix) by DesignRehab