Growing up in the Bay was definitely an experience that can shape an individual. Our communities are unique in it's own right. Even traveling fifteen minutes North or South of Oakland places you in Berkeley or San Leandro and will differentiate visual and atmospheric stimulation. All of our landmarks, small business owners and communities place intrinsic value to the area code we claim as 510.

CoolHunting, one of my daily reads, traveled to the Bay and documented our residents and the quaint side of Oakland. This was a quality job and props to the folks on production down to the interviewees.

"For this video we traveled to Oakland, CA to get to know the city by talking to the people who call it home. "The resulting documentary visits independently-owned businesses—looking at bikes at Manifesto, magazines at Issues and Bakesale Betty's fried chicken sandwich—as well as spends a little quality time with artist Nat Russell. Last but not least, we climb the clock tower with machinist Kevin Binkert, who maintains the landmark." -