German born graf artist/photograher ruedione showcases another video into the latest exhibition from Futura, entitled Odyssey Two. Shot with emotion and careful time lapse sequence, the documentation took place in Berlin also features Stash behind the lens. The track in the video is by The Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea.

"The show focuses on the dual themes of memory and the past, and the influence these have on an individual’s imagined world. Futura’s obsessions with space and hyperindustrial landscapes grew from his adolescence: a time when man first landed on the moon, and when the New York skyline soared with a mass of fresh skyscrapers. But the world in his pieces is entirely unique – a place that has developed in his mind over time, where remnants of earlier memories co-exist with imagined, abstract landscapes.
Futura’s latest pieces show an artist comfortable in the world he has created, making accomplished works that use occasional, frenetic bursts of outline to perfectly convey mood, atmosphere and situation, as well as his trademark and iconic touches."