"Don't call it a comeback"...Action sports outfitter, Etnies is re-creating the skateboarding classic shoe the Rap. Coming from the first skateboarder-owned shoe company, the Etnies Rap was different than anything else on the market in the 90's. Etnies is bringing back the Rap model in 2009 with the addition of several technical upgrades including vulcanized soles along side mid/low cut models.
I was never a real big pure skate shoe fan though I had a few pairs to stunt. I do however, appreciate the care and ownership to bring a classic back in a sea of competitors owning a over saturated market. Peep this video featuring Etnies owner Pierre Andre Senizergues, Don Brown, Sal Barbier and Natas Kaupas as they explain why Etnies is re-creating the Rap.