It's that time again. Another Healthy Hustle interview.

I really don't know any guy other than Ma$e that rocks his hat at a optic hindering level just below the eyebrow. I tried asking Sean of MixMelter but never got straight answer. I'm convinced that he picked up this hat wearing swagger in the mid-90's when Ma$e slurred his way to top the charts across radio nation under the Bad Boy regime. Either way, it's what under the hat that counts. From our long running friendship, I noticed Sean to have humor and talent that is acquired only through taste. It's much like beer. Bitter to the virgin taste buds. Over time, a discerning palette will start to develop and you will start noticing the subtleties. Same theory applies to Sean and his art-work. He’s talented behind the turntable as he is behind the computer screen, the man carries himself in a manner only received well by those that know him.
Explore the surface of his personality as you read on. If you happen to see him in the streets - accost him about his hat wearing etiquette.