Berlin has an International Film Festival called the Berlinale. It's one of the world's leading film festivals and most reputable media events. I stumbled upon Berlinale's alum, Ted Chung's work for "A Thousand Words"a week ago. Since then, I've checked back to see if part two has been in the making or even revisited. Upon my discovery of Chungs collaborative efforts as a director comes more powerful shorts. The effective signature carpe diem moment in each short allows his viewers to feel his dramatic emotions hinting at an apex of a motion feature.

"ON TIME" was directed by Ted Chung, written by David Bradley Halls, cinematography by Bianca Bodmer, Editing by Vincent Schmitt, Original Score composed by Rich Ho Kok Tai, Sound Design by Elena Titova, Production Design by Anna Kotarska. This was produced in 24 hours at the 2008 BTC Garage Studio.

and "Mike's"