The design team at my office brought to light an inspirational video that was debut ten years ago. It featured product designers at IDEO and their process of development in reinventing a commonly used item: the shopping cart. As a designer, the journey to the final deliverable is often overlooked. The client focuses only on present because that's what's presented.

This was a inspirational watch as it led to the thinking of what's conventional for everyday use and what isn't using a method IDEO describes as The "Deep Dive". Take a step back to break down the thought process on how a certain product is useful, what makes it practical and the inconvenience it causes when it presents itself malfunctioned.

"There is a interest in distinction between design and invention. Who ever came up withe dental floss for example is an inventor but the man or woman who put it inside the clever little plastic box that lets you tear off just the right length, that was a designer."

The environment in where you create is such an important factor. It should never be compromised. Create creativity continuously and constantly in a self controlled environment. Thank you to the team at Danger, Microsoft for continuous inspiration.