Woodwalk design by Paul Coudamy
25-pair limited edition of wooden sneakers by Paul Coudamy for K-SWISS, hand-sculpted and numbered.

"The starting point of reflection and creation for a K-Swiss design was to ask the sneakers original essence to propose an unique prototype. The concept of Woodwalk is founded on a principle of distortion, a temporal contraction in which the Swiss country shoe of 19th century is crossed with the urban shoe of the 20th century and a space contraction.We can find this process in the conception. In fact, Woodwalk’s design is created by computer and permit a matchless precision of the drawing. Woodwalk is a craft production, means that every model are hand-sculpted in wood. Woodwalk is a critical design. With the reinterpretation of the usual sneaker which is a city dweller’s symbol, Woodwalk changes the codes of the traditional sneaker. This meeting deals with the confrontation between the sens of sneaker and the natural matter of wood. A part of Woodwalk’s concept is to ask the meaning of walking in the city and to invite people reconsidering the urban lifestyles." Pulled via Dezeen