...Shouldn't have left you, without a dope book to step to.

As of recent, I haven't had time to sit down with a good book. The bookmark in my current read has has been set in its place for a long time. As a kid standing no taller than the legal height limit for carnival rides, I hated literature. My love for reading has grown exponentially over the years and I realized it was the selective stale reading I was subjected to and not the fact that reading and I never got along.
To catch myself up, I closed the last page of The Kite Runner. I enjoyed it so much I rented the film. It's one thing to experience the page flipping of well written story and another to experience the visual translation. I was honestly touched by the story and now inspired. Please give this book a good read or if you haven't, watch the film. It is time well spent. It is inspiration waiting to be received. A tale of loyalty, hardship, loss and rebirth. During the peak of the film, they even gave a "tip of the cap" to Explosions in the Sky. Bravo to Alberto Iglesias for the eclectic score, MK12 for the stunning intro and Kahled Hosseini for a well written story.