What a weekend. I was in LA to pay a due visit to good friends and for serious libations. Tasks were accomplished but everywhere we went was the ubiquitous presence of Quantum of Solace ads on billboards, magazines and product branding placements. Needless today, the crew and I caught the bug and killed some hangover time in the theater.

I'm throwing a spoiler alert out there right now. Call me old fashion but I wanted 007 to introduce himself as "Bond...James Bond". I wanted to see distinctive villains. I wanted to see Bond walk through the gadget room while the other scientist in white coats malfunction test gadgets. I'm sure Marc Forster had a clear idea of the direction. Overall, I still enjoyed it.

I was delighted to discover that the main title sequence, typography and graphic interfaces throughout the movie was executed by MK12. These are the same folks who worked on Common's music video "Go", special effects for the movie The Kite Runner and Stranger Than Fiction. This talented crew came together to marry the lovely pair of House fonts, Neutraface and Chalet in this project. You can't tell very well from this video but peep the movie when you can for the typographical treatments (and womanizing antics of Daniel Craig).


Common - "Go"

The Kite Runner movie intro

On the 007 note, Penguin Classics just released a hardback with complete James Bond short stories. This fine piece of literature is designed by Angus Hyland and Fabian Herrmann of Pentagram. Smashing. Gorgeous. Just incredible...