A flick off the iPhone this weekend.

While I'm on the topic of cell phones. My feelings toward any mobile device (just for today) is pretty much on the irritable side. Never have I wanted to be this badly disconnected from the our daily life-line known as the cell phone. Almost to the point of falling off the grid, I clutch this feeling and gently tuck it back into my soul. Last night was a insane evening of phone calls and text that would have drove a sane man bizzerk.

I drove across the Bay Bridge and surprisingly I didn't mind the traffic. I didn't mind the slick roads. I was enjoying it all while coasting a casual 60. I was obeying the speed limit while taking in the rare moments of Sunday bridge construction, the bread factory aroma off 880 in Oakland, the crisp Fall air, the extra hour in our day and the cherry to top the experience - the fact that I had this epic album to chauffeur me through the entire expereince.