Released in 2007, Loic Prigent filmed a documentary that looked into the life of designer Marc Jacobs and his career as creative director at Louis Vuitton. This DVD contains footage from a party in NYC, a press conference in Tokyo and random rants of personal inspiration. It also provides an insight in to the working process of designing goods for Louis Vuitton. It's interesting to see how similar (and different) the working process that of a fashion designer. Below are three clips from the DVD to get your beak wet as well as a quote from Vogue.

* * *

"Bringing the same intimate insight into the fashion world as his previous acclaimed documentary series SIGNE CHANEL, filmmaker Loïc Prigent focus on Marc Jacobs, called the most influential designer of his generation. This witty portrait follows Jacobs as he balances roles as artistic director of venerable French house Louis Vuitton and his own eponymous American line, in meetings, preparing collections and at high-profile shows. With Naomi Campbell, Sophia Coppola and Uma Thurman. "Artfully told with humor and panache" -- Vogue.

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