I would like to draw attention to Michael C. Place. In 2001, he conceptualized and developed London based design firm Build. Between building a brand and name and his feature in the film Helvetica, his work caught the attention of the good folks at Refill7.

Recently, I blogged an entry about Refill7's laser etched skate decks. Of the list of artist, Michael C. Place produced a pretty intricate designed deck. His deck merits attention to detail almost resembling the rings of a old redwood tree or a frothy Latte. Either way, I found the following video inspirational because it was a 'tip-of-the-cap' to his artwork and Pritt white-out roller pens. Upon the same token, this is refreshing to see because many folks do not sketch their ideas before the implementation of a design. Take note of the brainstorming session and sketches that go to work before implementation. Enjoy.