As a kid, I always had a fascination for wood. My father would take random pieces of scrap wood and build oak scented creations. I recall a memory of father building my brother and I a sturdy bunk bed that was able to withstand us acting like 100 pound teenage monkeys.

The smell of saw dust invokes a reminiscent feeling. I was reminded this morning, awakening to a oakey scent carried from the hall of my floor. I guess someone was sawing logs early in the morning (no pun intended). Either way, as a dedication i would like to post this entry in recognition of my pops' carpentry skills on top of being a good father.

I "woodified" my MacBook a year after purchase while in college. I was a fan of the random stickers but wanted something a little more classy and of intrinsic value. Because of my fascination, the wood paneling was more of a branding / marketing piece for Design Rehab. I share with you my process to "woodify" a MacBook. Let the photos be a pictorial tutorial. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday dad. The same way you built tangible goods with your hands, I build digital goods with my MacBook.

Pictured here is the woodificatioin of Courney's (of itsdesignrelated) Macbook