If you are planning to attend Thread at The Galleria in San Francisco on November 16th, please stop by our good friends booth at PLSTK and tell them Design Rehab sent ya. I had the lucky chance rub elbows when I was in college with Mark who runs the collaborative and the recent PR addition to this fine gamut by the name of Dan (Diggity) - mug below. This seasons mantra is simple: Stay fresh every (business) day of the week with a different sole for the pavement. A personal favorite out of the Monday to Friday lineup are the Wednesday's. Make no mistake there are some serious talents at work. Their online store recently opened to the pubic so for you folks who want to stay up on your foot game, check out the line.

The following photos are courtesy of PLSTK's blog via previous trade shows. If you are interested in promoting your brand along side PLSTK, email me and let me know how your brand is willing to make a presence at this years Thread Show.

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