The winds were mellow and the sky casted a slight shade of melancholy. Though this sounds like a setting for an Alfred Hitchcock movie, Robin Thicke was still able to catch up with imeem to drop an exclusive performance for the Hive at Yerba Buena Park. Like a thief to bank robbery, the performance was one swift motion. A few lucky fans squeezed in the two second photo ops and hugs while others stood still to receive the acoustic performance.

Due props goes to Will, Daniel, Brig and Nate for the setup and follow-though in production of this fine footage while Thicke was in town for his tour. Below are exclusive stills of his performance of "Magic" and "Lost Without You" that will release before his third solo album entitled Something Else, on September 9th, 2008. Enjoy folks...the (extended) weekend is once again up us.