It speaks a soft story of our history, more importantly our future. A bike ride back home reconnected me to reality. I found myself without headphones to accompany my iPod so I was forced to fall back on traditional methods of music-less commutes. Out of all the times I placed my foot on the bike pedal, it was different this time. The sun was mellow and the winds were gentle. I felt good, nay - great. I felt like the winds were thanking me for not tanking a SUV across town just to return a video or to buy eggs for dinner. More importantly it was a moment of re-evaluation, a "master reset" if you will. You will be surprised to see what life hands you without the influence of an outside source. Take a step back and recluse yourself from the masses of the hype. I use to think a session of instrumentals honoring great producers was the way to clear the mind but i heed a different value this time around. Try a bike ride in the early evening without music and note your environment instead of your path.

Along with this feeling I would also like to announce a sneak peek into my next project: THE HEALTHY HUSTLE // San Jose Edition. An interview session with the folks who helped me come this far. Without them there wouldn't have been Sole Division, Be The Riottt! or Design Rehab. Interviews soon to be conducted. Big things...big things

I was reminded. Thank you Brige

Appropriately sampled from Bobby Caldwell