Hot off the press with a interview on Jc Report, The Journal of Popular Noise is getting some good press. Byron Kalet, the mind behind these audio publications is a product of Parstons. I look forward to seeing good things from this man. The Journal of Popular Noise is a semi-annual audio magazine inspired by the traditions of pop music, printed periodicals, and the delight of a finely crafted artifact.

Within the package are 3 issues, each in the form of 7" vinyl records. Every issue conforms to the same prescribed editorial structures but is composed by a different artist or group. This set contains issues 7-9 featuring (respectively) PAST LIVES, BORA YOON + BEN FROST, and NA + JUNKO. The packaging folds out to a beautiful letter-pressed poster containing information about the Journal, the musicians, and the recording/compositional process. Download the free audio from issues 1-3 here and check out their site.

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JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES This Dimitri sounds like a catch - if you want to be chauffeured away in his '85 Ford Fiesta chariot and into his moms basement where he keeps copious amounts of action figures, pogs and porn.