We meet fascinating people throughout life. Ideas and inspiration are engendered because these people desire to effect the world through their craft. The Healthy Hustle is a vehicle produced to highlight artist, musicians, designers, and photographers. Above all, these are community leaders and culture curators who seek to breed inspiration. Enjoy.


The journey continues with Frite Nite's recording artist B.Bravo. This Electro Funk producer / DJ from the Bay is making notable noise all while remaining steadfast to his roots. Experience the b-side of B.Bravo as he explains what grounds him as a musician and his passion as a saxophonist in the band, Bayonics. True musicianship is emerging in the arts and happily accepting the simple fact that you will need to obsess to progress.


In 1978, a family business named Harputs emerged from Oakland, California pushing the sales of B-Boy classic Adidas Shelltoes and jumpsuits. Thirty-three years later, the maturity of their exclusive Adidas footwear alignment transformed the family business, moving their primary location to the heart of San Francisco. Harputs has now expanded to carry all inventory including prior brands and designs from Yōji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela, Stephan Schneider, Comme des Garçons, as well as their own line – Harputs OWN. In this installment, Gus explains his theory on “gypsy retail”, introduces us to his mentor / tailor, and previews some of OWN’s pieces.


The second installment of the Healthy Hustle, San Francisco reveals a briefing of Anthony's thoughts on Roman-inspired cuisine and his philosophy on working in the culinary industry. Anthony Strong, the executive chef at Locanda, transitioned from Delfina, a nationally acclaimed kitchen, and deemed one of the Hot 20 by 7x7 Magazine in late 2010. Their soft opening just went underway, so experience it while its in its early stages in the Mission SF. Big ups to Sean O'Grady of Oneviisiion, Anthony Strong and Ashley Bellview of Locanda for making this happen!


You are now witnessing the first installment of The Healthy Hustle interviews in it's sophomore season. For this first installment, I am very excited to present to you a man that seems to have a natural finesse in what he does. His name, Todd Barket, the sole proprietor of UnionMade in San Francisco. A quaint shop on the corner of 18th and Sanchez. This man is not only a humble shop owner but to me, a fashion educator.

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