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Design, Photography, & Art Direction

Design Rehab is empathetic design. is a process journal. is a thoughtfully curated shop. is Barry Lai.


Hello, my name is Barry Lai. I’m a multidisciplinary creative based in San Francisco. If you must apply a title, I am a Art Director - but I am a firm believer of being able to do the very same work you provide direction for. The impetus behind my work is deeply rooted in culture. My emphasis is in brand engineering, concept articulation and communication design. I enjoy solving problems through meaningful digital and analog experiences.

The Design Rehab Shop is an extension of my taste in goods. My wife and I design, source vendors, and curate our shop's partners. What you see in our shop is chosen with intent or designed in-house and manufactured domestically. It’s essentially everything that you will see our studio as inspiration and decor, enjoy.





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